What is the:

New World Order?

So, what is the New World Order? It is a Wrold Government governed by an elite group of men and women who have absolute control over all the air, water, land, housing, food, medications, vaccines, education, money and right to travel of everyone on Earth. The NWO is for open borders, a New World Currency [RFID in right hand] and a massive 90% depopulation by means of abortion, forced sterilization, and toxic air, water, food and vaccines.

This HD video published on Sep 03, 2015 is a long lecture [1:35:37] by David Icke about Agenda 21 and the New World Order. Most of it is correct, but there are errors. Never the less, this is the Agenda of the last four Presidents of the United States, and is the Agenda of Hillary Clinton. It is because of Hillary's thirst for control of the World tha Putin is ready to attack the United States if she is elected. On the other hand both Putin and Trump have promised leave the other alone if they are not attached. i.e. coexistance.

If Hillary is elected, her highest priority is abolition of the United States, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the establishedment of a New World Order domain consisting of what was formally Cuba, Mexico, Unite States, and Canada.

Poisons added to our air, water, food, medications & vaccines to promote depopulation

Rough Draft is being Written


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